Martin Roos

Partner, dipl. fiduciary expert

Martin completed his commercial vocational school diploma at the Economics Secondary School in Lucerne. He then studied business administration at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking. He went on to gain experience for some years at different banks in Central Switzerland. At the beginning of 2014, he switched to the trust industry and has been working at Findea AG in Lucerne since 1 March 2016. In summer 2018, Martin successfully completed training to become a certified trust expert.

Martin grew up in the agglomeration of Lucerne, where he most enjoys spending his free time – whether in a duel on the squash court or when biking around the Lucerne’s local mountain, Pilatus. Martin likes to take his guests on culinary excursions around the world, as one of his passions is cooking.

Nicole Stadelmann

Fiduciary Clerk

Nicole made a commercial apprenticeship at a transport company in Central Switzerland. She then moved to the fiduciary sector. Afterwards, she gained experience in two different fiduciary companies and finally became in October 2015 a federally certified trust administrator. Since the summer of 2016, Nicole has been working at Findea AG in Lucerne.

Nicole grew up in Wolhusen in the canton of Lucerne. She loves aerobics. In addition to sports, Nicole likes to explore the world.

Jetmire Bilali

Customer Care Center Lucerne

After first becoming a qualified nurse, she completed, while working full-time, a Professional Office Worker course, which enabled her to embark on her business career, so she was most recently in charge of a front office. Since February 2018 she has been heading Findea AG Customer Care Centre. Due to her career, Jetmire Bilali has, apart from her knowledge of day-to-day office management, particularly profound insights into human nature and tactfulness in dealing with customers.

Jetmire was raised in Emmen, in the canton of Lucerne. In addition to her interest in sports such as jogging, she likes to spend time with her friends and family members and travel to various countries and cultures. Sidelining as a recognised kinesiologist is also part of her life’s journey. In this area, you can see the profundity of Jetmire’s soul as her caring, humane way and a lot of harmony have a formative influence on her life and that of others.

Josua Tedesco

Administrator Findea Support

Josua Tedesco began his professional career at a manufacturing company with an apprenticeship to become a businessman with a vocational diploma. He then completed military training school and worked temporarily until beginning studies in business. Josua is currently studying business economics with an emphasis on accounting, finance, and banking at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. He is employed at Findea AG since July 2019.

In his free time, Josua enjoys bodybuilding and endurance sports with friends. This offers him an optimal balance for his daily study and work routine. In addition to sports, Josua likes to explore the world – be it while backpacking through Europe or on beach vacations in Southeast Asia.

Patrizia Suter

Administrator Findea Support

Patrizia completed her commercial apprenticeship with a vocational diploma at a regional bank in Central Switzerland. Subsequently, she worked in credit processing for 4 years. By enrolling as a full-time students at the Lucerne School of Business, she was looking for something new. She is currently studying economics with emphasis on accounting and controlling.

Patrizia grew up in Arth (Canton of Schwyz). As for this region, she particularly appreciated the proximity to water and the mountains. Therefore, in her free time, she enjoys hiking and jogging and, in the winter, primarily skiing and badminton matches. A good deal of enthusiasm always pushes her to discover new things – whether travelling, eating or playing sports.