Michele Blasucci

CEO, lic. iur HSG, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board

After completing a bank apprenticeship and his secondary education simultaneously, Michele Blasucci studied law at the University of St. Gallen. In the year 2001, while still studying, he started the fiduciary services company Findea AG (formerly known as BKK Finance Group). While working to grow the company during his studies, his wholehearted focus after graduation is what allowed the firm to grow into what it is today.

Michele grew up in the Thurgau in a village called Aadorf and is living in Winterthur since 2003. In his youth soccer was his predominant hobby. On the side he was able to expand his skills with golf, scuba diving and tennis. However, since the births of his two children, Laura and Marco, his interests have become far more family oriented.

Luca Rutz

Senior Fiduciary Agent / deputy Head of Eastern Switzerland

Luca Rutz started his professional career at a municipality, where he did his three-year commercial apprenticeship. Afterwards he worked for approx. eight years at a small fiduciary agency in Zurich. By doing an in-service training course for the Swiss federal examination for professional fiduciaries, which he successfully passed in the autumn of 2016, he could consolidate and expand his know-how. Since August 2018 he has been working for Findea AG in Winterthur.

Luca Rutz grew up in the canton of Thurgau. Since his early years he has incessantly been enthusiastic about football. He is a passionate fan of the Swiss national football team, which he supports as often as possible. In addition, he volunteers as a board member at FC Neftenbach.

Dario Bellini

Federally certified Auditor, Licensed Auditor, B.A. HSG in Business Administration

After completing a bilingual (Italian and German) secondary programme at the Cantonal Business School in Bellinzona, Dario Bellini successfully obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of St Gallen. From the 4th semester of his university studies, Dario started to work as a student employee for STARTUPS.CH. Once he received his Bachelor’s degree, he embarked on his career in Financial Audit and Consulting with KPMG AG, and worked, over a period of nearly five years, first in Lugano and then in Zurich. At the same time, he completed successfully his Diploma as federally certified auditor . From 1 of January 2018 Dario is going to leave the Nexus Group for Findea AG, where he will provide audit services.

Dario grew up in the canton of Ticino, or, to be more specific, in Lugano, and since 2016 he has been living in Zurich. In his youth he was a member of Lugano Rowing Club. As a Swiss army officer, he served as a secretary for the RMSI military magazine. In his leisure time, Dario regularly does sports. His two favourite sports are wind and kite surfing in summer and skiing in winter. His other hobbies include motorcycle riding, travelling and old-timers.

Marc Trinkler

Fiduciary Agent

Marc Trinkler began his professional life with an apprenticeship as a commercial employee, federal diploma of vocational education and training at a municipal administration. Due to his interest in business, Mr. Trinkler then studied business economics at the ZHAW in Winterthur. After completing his studies, he gained some years of professional experience in the field of trusteeship at various SME companies. Marc Trinkler has been working as a Mandate Manager for Findea AG since September 2017.

In his spare time, Marc enjoys doing sports. Endurance sports like jogging or biking belong to his favorite, in the winter he also visits the gym. In addition to sport, Marc also likes aquariums and model flights.

Ralph Rüttimann

Fiduciary Agent

Ralph Rüttimann entered the professional world when he completed his apprenticeship as an automation engineer. Subsequently, he graduated in Business Administration from the Swiss Institute for Business Administration. It was already during his studies when Ralph Rüttimann could gain his first experience in fiduciary services. Afterwards he deepened his accounting knowledge at one of the biggest law firms in Switzerland. Since July 2018 Ralph Rüttimann has been working for Findea AG fiduciary department.

In his spare time, Ralph Rüttimann likes to be creative. He composes his own songs for the guitar and tries out new recipes when cooking. His favourite sporting activities include endurance sports, especially cycling.

Filip Vannuca

In the summer of 2015, Filip Vannuca began a commerial apprenticeship at Findea AG.

Filip plays football in the U21 of FC Schaffhausen and trains almost every day.

Gabriel Magalhaes


Since the summer of 2016, Gabriel Magalhaes makes a commercial apprenticeship at Findea AG.

Gabriel is a very active athlete. He plays Futsal in the Swiss Premier League at Futsal Benfica Rorschach.