Simple explanation of domiciles

Domiciles enable you to locate your company to a city of your choice. You can benefit from the more favourable tax conditions in particular cantons and convey a prestigious business presence.

Advantages of Findea domiciling

Prestigious address

You can locate your company to a large Swiss city by acquiring a domicile from Findea. A prestigious address and the option of using our meeting rooms will facilitate communication with clients and potential investors, and improve company presence - especially around the time the company is launched.

Company location in a low-tax canton

Choosing a domicile in a low-tax canton (eg. Lucerne or Zug) may, under some circumstances, enable you to optimise the tax burden on corporate profits.

Foreign company founders

Foreign company founders who set up a company in Switzerland without being resident in the country will always require a domicile for their company.

How domiciles work

1. Set up a domicile and enter it into the commercial register

There are 10 various locations available in all major Swiss cities if you choose to set up a domicile using our services. We will prepare all your documents and have your domicile entered into the commercial register on your behalf.

2. Forwarding of incoming post

We will gladly forward post to you which is sent to your domicile. We can do this in four different ways.

  • Automatic forwarding: You send a one-off request to the Swiss postal service to forward all incoming mail to an address of your choice in Switzerland or abroad.
  • Physical forwarding of post by Findea: You authorise us to open your post and then sort and forward it to an address of your choice.
  • Electronic forwarding of post by Findea: We will scan your post and send it to you as electronic copies.
  • Storing post within your domicile: We will physically store your post in your domicile location. You are free to collect it as you wish.

3. Use of our rooms for meetings

There are meeting rooms available on location at your company domicile for important business appointments or annual general meetings.