Locations for a domicile

We offer domicile in 10 locations in Switzerland. All of our offices are in prestigious locales in the respective cities. Read on for more information on the individual domicile locations.


Switzerland's economic capital

Zurich - located in the center of Europa - is Switzerland's largest city and also its most important city from an economic point of view. A large number of international banks and insurance companies are based in Zurich which makes it an important banking place.

Furthermore, it is well known for its high quality of life with a wide range of cultural offerings and an excellent infrastructure.

Tax rate for companies: 21.15%


The international city

Geneva the frenchspeaking city - located close to the French boarder - is the headquarter of many international organizations, like the UNO and the International Red Cross. Furthermore, it is the second financial center of Switzerland, with its numerous banks.

Besides the economic importance, it also offers a high living quality to the inhabitants, with its various parks and the cultural offerings.

Tax rate for companies: 24.16%


The sunny city of Switzerland

Lugano, the biggest city in Ticino, is the 3rd most important financial center of Switzerland. Also many important companies have their headquarters in Lugano.

Lugano with its mediterannean flair combines the advantages of a big city with the amenities of small town. The city is also a center for tourism.

Tax rate for companies: 20.67%


The gateway to central Switzerland

Lucerne is located in the center of Switzerland and has also great cultural importance for the region. The city is surrounded by lakes and mountains and is one of the tourist attractions of Switzerland.

Due to the favourable corporate tax rate, many companies as well as domiciles are located in Lucerne.

Tax rate for companies: 12.32%


Switzerland's capital

Bern, the capital of Switzerland and also the seat of Parliament has a high economic importance for Switzerland. Besides the strong service sector predominant in Bern, also many people are employed in the industrial manufacturing and in public service. Furthermore Bern is also a magnet for tourist with its old town, which belongs to the UNESCO world heritage.

Tax rate for companies: 21.64%


The city of innovation

Basel, is based next to the Rhine, at the French - German boarder. Due to its location, Basel functions as Switzerlands logistical hub. The city is also known for its financial strength and innovative companies. All big Swiss pharmaceutical and chemical firms are located in Basel.

Besides the strong economy, Basel also offers a high density of museums and other cultural sites.

Tax rate for companies: 11.03%

St. Gallen

The textile city

St. Gallen is located in Eastern Switzerland, close to Lake Constanze and the Appenzell. The low tax rate, skilled employees and the advantegeous location are making St. Gallen an attractive location for companies.

The city is also famous for its university (HSG), the old town and the library, which belongs to the UNESCO world heritage.

Tax rate for companies: 17.40%


The industrial city

Winterthur - located before the gates of Zurich - is well known for its industrial history. These days Winterthur is also an attractive location for technology companies due to the low rents, its approximity to Zurich and very well educated young people.

Tax rate for companies: 21.15%


Tradition andModernity

Herisau combinesurban living and working in a central location with urban residential areas andplenty of greens all around. Many people in Herisau share an open-mindedattitude to life, which makes it easy for newcomers and new companies to makefriends and soon identify themselves with Herisau.

Soft location factors, such as infrastructure needed to raise children, lowtaxation, schools and sport facilities, are exemplary here. In addition, thereare large suppliers, retail outlets and handcraft workshops in the vicinity sothat you do not have to get stuck in a traffic jam or look for a place to park yourcar to reach them as they are also easily available with public transport.

Herisau isa place with one of the lowest taxation regimes all across Switzerland.


Neuchâtel, the capital of watchmakers, has a tradition of precision and innovation, which is also oriented towards research and high technology. International recognition of its renowned institutes, such as CSEM or the Cantonal Observatory, promotes the foundation and settlement of foreign companies, which are attracted by a diversified and innovative economic structure, highly qualified staff and an export-oriented industrial culture.

Neuchâtel offers one of the lowest tax rates in Western Switzerland, which makes the foundation or settlement of companies in Neuchâtel even more interesting.