Mandates for management and board membership

Companies founded in Switzerland (GmbH or AG) must be represented by a Swiss resident who will act as director of the company. These duties can be taken off your hands by one of our specialists.

The statutory requirements mean that the company must be represented by at least one person resident in Switzerland acting in the interests of the company. This is why we offer this service from one of our highly qualified Findea employees. Of course, you are the one who still makes the decisions, which are simply passed onto your representative.

In addition to purely legal representation, we can also remain at your side for strategic, operational and administrative decisions to help guarantee the long-term success of the company. Our specialists have worked on a great number of mandates for domiciled companies and they will actively provide support and advice.

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We will actively support you using our expertise in the following areas:

  • Communication with banks and authorities
  • Payroll accounting
  • Accounting and annual financial statements
  • Tax consultancy and tax optimisation