Sole enterprise

Founding a sole proprietorship is easy and does not require any minimum capital.

One-man businesses usually engage in trade, manufacturing or commerce and have no legal personality. This legal structure is often chosen by young entrepreneurs wanting to establish a small business on their own. Anyone can start up a one-man business at any time and begin operations immediately. No dedicated seed capital is needed. However, the proprietor is liable for debts incurring from the one-man business with his personal assets.

A one-man business can easily be transformed into a limited liability company or a public limited company at a later point. It is the easiest legal structure to dissolve.

Main purpose of the sole enterprise: One-person businesses (painter business, hair dresser, artist, etc.)

target group Suitable one person companies
Requirements None
Amount of people
  • Only one person can be the owner
  • Owner must have a domicile in Switzerland (no residency required)
  • No capital requirements
  • Early withdrawal from pension fund possible
  • Fewer regulations and insurances
  • Liabilities
  • No shares
  • No unemployment insurance
  • Image

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