Our renowned start-up partner - STARTUPS.CH

Our sister company, STARTUPS.CH is the leading provider of company founding services in Switzerland and has its own special concept. Selected partners take on part of your start-up costs meaning that, in a best case scenario, you can found your company for free.

The strengths of STARTUPS.CH

Calculate online offer and establish online

You can calculate your own offer online at STARTUPS.CH and then mandate us to found your company. The lawyers at STARTUPS.CH found companies in all legal forms.

Partners take on a share of the start-up costs

The partners from STARTUPS.CH take on a share of your start-up costs if you accept offers from the partners. Other STARTUPS.CH partners include:

  • Credit Suisse (up to CHF 200)
  • Axa (up to CHF 500)
  • SIX (up to CHF 200)
  • Swisscom (up to CHF 550)
  • Sage (up to CHF 100)
  • Findea (up to CHF 200)
  • Creditreform (up to CHF 500)

Personal consultation by lawyers

The lawyers at STARTUPS.CH will advise you on everything to do with founding your company. You can either personally visit one of 10 STARTUPS.CH locations or get advice via the phone on founding your company.

Calculate an offer on STARTUPS.CH