Start-up procedure

It is a long path from choosing the right legal form to actually founding your company. If you decide on founding your company with STARTUPS.CH, the lawyers at STARTUPS.CH will carry out all the steps for you. This will allow you to focus on business operations.

The following will show you the most significant steps of the whole process and we will provide an outline of the expected time schedule.

1. Calculate offer

Calculate an offer and select the desired legal form. Then become a user and enter your founding details.

Duration: 30 minutes

2. Personal consultation meeting (optional)

If requested, we can offer a consultation meeting on location where you can get answers to your questions on founding companies. This consultation meeting is included in our founding costs.

Duration: 1 hour

3. Obtain start-up documents

After we receive the founding details, they will be checked by lawyers from STARTUPS.CH for errors and corrected where necessary. We will then call you and talk you through your company founding process point-by-point. Of course, you can use this opportunity to get answers to any open questions. You will receive all the founding documents by email after the meeting.

Duration with STARTUPS.CH: maximum of 24 hours (on work days)

4. Sign and return the founding documents - pay in capital

The founding documents should be checked by you, printed out and signed. The signatures on the registration for the commercial register must be authenticated by any notary or municipality (varies depending on the canton), then you return all the documents to us (including the capital payment confirmation from the bank - when founding an AG or a GmbH).

You must deposit the share capital in a Swiss bank to obtain the confirmation of capital payment. The bank will then draw up the confirmation. STARTUPS.CH offers this service with special conditions in conjunction with PostFinance.

Duration with STARTUPS.CH: 1 - 3 days

5. The company is founded and entered into the commercial register

Once we have received all the documents from you we will found the company in your name and send all the documents to the commercial register. If required, we can also request a form for VAT and help you fill it in. If requested, we can also help protect your company name or logo.

Duration with STARTUPS.CH: 10 - 12 days on average

More information on the foundation process