Tax and legal advice

Nowadays, customised tax and legal consultancy is especially important for SMEs. Professional assistance is recommended in order to be prepared for any tax and legal issues.

Our specialists in the tax and legal department not only have the necessary basic training but each are specialised in further fields. So you are guaranteed comprehensive consultation from our lawyers and tax specialists. Our comprehensive advice is supplemented by experts in various specialist areas.

Strategic, long-term tax planning and continuous legal advice are of central significance to every company. We offer professional consultancy individually tailored to your needs in various fields of expertise.

Our extensive collective experience enables our consultants to expertly advise you in the following areas:

  • Tax planning and advice
  • Creating complex tax returns
  • Specialist VAT matters
  • General legal advice
  • Designing agreements/contracts, T&Cs, shareholders’ agreements, etc..
  • Case analysis and arranging for specialist litigators