Requirements for founding a company in Switzerland

You need to meet a few requirements if you are a foreign national wishing to found a company in Switzerland. See below for a list of the most important conditions.


To found a company you require a lawyer who will confirm your founding documents and the owner’s identity. Our partner, STARTUPS.CH works in conjunction with a local notary who will take on the task of authenticating all the documents.


You require a Swiss address for your company’s location. If you do not live in Switzerland you will need a domicile address at the official founding location. This also functions as a post address. Domiciles can offer further tax benefits depending on the canton in which the company is domiciled.

Representation by a person resident in Switzerland

Every Swiss company requires a person who is a Swiss resident. If none of the company founders satisfy this requirement, lawyers or trustees can take on this role and represent the company. Naturally, all operational decisions are still made by the founders.

Residency permit

If you decide to move to Switzerland you will need a residency permit. Approval depends on nationality, assets and the type of intended work in Switzerland.

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