Tax return - it's easy with our tax app taxea!

Filling out the tax return is an annual requirement for individuals and companies. Therefore, we have developed the innovative taxea tax solution!
With taxea individuals and companies can have their tax returns prepared by tax professionals at a flat rate. The best thing is that the entire process is online.

The benefits of taxea

Packages at a flat rate

We offer attractive packages at a flat rate. This means you have full cost transparency and know in advance what costs will arise for the preparation of the tax return. Our basic package for individuals starts at CHF 299.

Minimizing the tax burden

Our tax professionals ensure that you make use of all permitted tax deduction options and reduce your tax burden.

Everything online and easy - thanks to smart dialogues

You can enter all required information online and also upload the required documents online. Thanks to smart dialogs, you only have to answer the really relevant questions, usually it takes no more than 15 minutes.

Processing by tax experts

Our tax experts take care of your tax return. They are familiar with all allowed tax deduction and help you minimize your tax burden.

If desired we offer personal consultation sessions

On request, we also offer personal consultation sessions at one of our 9 locations.

Meeting deadlines

Our trustees ensure that your tax return is submitted on time to the responsible tax office. If necessary, an extension of the deadline is requested.

Representation to the tax office

Our experts will advise you at all times on all questions regarding your tax return and also represent you towards the tax office. If necessary, we will initiate an objection procedure.