Gabriel Magalhaes


Since the summer of 2016, Gabriel Magalhaes makes a commercial apprenticeship at Findea AG.

Gabriel is a very active athlete. He plays Futsal in the Swiss Premier League at Futsal Benfica Rorschach.

Aron Büche

Head of Startup-Desk Switzerland German-speaking

The classic academic career brought Aron Büche to the University of St. Gallen, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Accounting und Finance. As a working student, for more than five years he was the manager of a renowned bar in St. Gallen, where he could gain valuable experience in various areas of entrepreneurship. Apart from his commitment to business planning, Aron Büche is the ideal person to share his own insights and knowledge with fresh start-up founders. He now leads the Startup-Desk Switzerland German-speaking.

In his leisure time, Aron is always keen to play a round of golf with his friends. Thus he can find an ideal balance to his day-to-day work. He also readily gets involved in other sports and adventures.

​Rebeka Schadegg

Junior fiduciary agent Startup-Desk

Rebeka Schadegg completed her business management training at an industrial company in the canton of Thurgau. Over the subsequent years she gained her professional experience as a Management Assistant in the plastics industry. At present, she pursues a Swiss federal vocational diploma in Finance and Accounting and works for the start-up desk at Findea AG.

Rebeka Schadegg grew up in a small village of Andwil in the canton of Thurgau. She loves traveling all around the world and walking her dog in the nature. For many years sport has been one of her passions, especially riding and fitness. When she is not travelling or doing sports, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.