Take your career into your own hands!

We are more than just a trust company.

We have a simple career system that allows each employee to move up the career ladder quickly. Good performance is rewarded!

A clear path to the top

Our career levels


Processing and posting of documents / receipts
Support for audits and contributions in kind
Support of managers and partners
Typical profile:
Bachelor students (FH or Uni)
Willingness to stay with Findea for at least two years

Junior Consultant

ndependent support of smaller mandates
Professional management of individual analysts
Typical profile:
Students in advanced Bachelor or Master (FH or Uni)
1-2 years experience as an analyst


Independent support of small and medium-sized mandates
Professional management of analyst teams
Typical Profile:
Degree in business administration or professional card as a trustee (or similar)
If possible, experience as trustee or analyst/ junior consultant

Senior Consultant

Independent support of mandates
Development of expertise in a specialist area (e.g. VAT)
Professional management of consultants
Typical Profil:
Completed studies or professional card Treuhand (or similar)
1-2 years experience as consultant or trustee


Management of smaller branches or larger teams
Support of larger mandates
Contact person for complex questions
Typical Profile:
Completed studies or specific training (e.g. TREX or comparable)
1-2 years experience as senior consultant

Senior Manager

Management of larger branches or larger teams
Support of larger mandates
Acquisition of new mandates
Contact person for complex questions
Typical Profile:
Completed studies or specific further education (e.g. TREX or comparable)
1-2 years experience as successful manager


Corporate responsibility for branches and regions
Acquisition of new mandates and client portfolios
Contact person for major customers
Typical Profile:
Completed studies or specific further education (e.g. TREX or comparable)
2-3 Experience as successful senior manager

Findea is the perfect employer for digital trustees.

We are a team of dynamic trustees with a passion for technology and start-ups. We are constantly looking for prospective and experienced trustees to join our team.

Below you will find 7 reasons why we are different from the "typical" trust company.

Entrepreneurial thinking and flat hierarchies
Findea was founded more than 10 years ago and our CEO is the founder. We therefore attach great importance to entrepreneurial thinking and flat hierarchies. Ideas are sent directly to the CEO and if they are good, they are implemented!
Small but highly motivated teams
We work in small, young and highly motivated teams. We attach great importance to harmonious teams and pay particular attention to this in the recruiting process.
Exciting customers: SMEs and start-ups
Our customers are mainly SMEs and start-ups.

Our trustees advise entrepreneurs of all ages and from a wide range of industries on how to build and expand their businesses. No client is like the other.
Attractive salary and transparent wage models
We are looking for the best talents at all levels. We therefore pay attractive salaries that are above the market average.

At all levels, our trustees are directly involved in the turnover they generate.

Very good performance is rewarded directly.
Digital processes - no paper - little manual work
We see ourselves as e-Trustees and try to digitalize all manual processes. Paper is a "horror" for us and we avoid it wherever we can.

This allows our trustees to concentrate on the exciting tasks and, for example, no longer have to book manually.

We have our own team of developers who digitize every process.
Cool offices in top locations or home office
We have 8 locations throughout Switzerland.

To make our employees feel comfortable, we attach great importance to beautiful offices in good locations.

Usually our offices are located directly in the city center. home office is allowed and welcome - you do not have to be present on site more than 3 days a week.

At home it often works better - without disturbances in familiar surroundings.
Variety of benefits
We are convinced that only satisfied employees can perform well.

Therefore we offer a number of benefits, among others: 25 days vacation / year, quarterly team event, Apero on Friday, attractive salary, assumption of further training costs, Europapark-Day, only 3 days presence time in the office and, and, and....