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Service from CHF 145 / month (VAT excl.)
Taking over the accounting work
Consultation in 4+ languages
Representation towards authorities
By answering the following 4 questions we can calculate an individual, non-binding offer. After receiving the request, we will arrange an appointment with you and discuss the further procedure.
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Free of charge
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Please note:
By answering the questions you can calculate an individual, non-binding offer. After registration, we will arrange an appointment with you and discuss the further procedure.
Our value proposition:
  • Less hassle with bookkeeping and tax filing
  • Findea Online access with many functions (dashboard with all figures, electronic document storage & archive, scan app, etc.)
  • No problems with the authorities
  • Transparent prices and services
  • Personal tax advice from qualified professionals
Included in subscription:
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Take over accounting work
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Submission of VAT statements
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Payroll accounting employees
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Annual financial statements
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Representation towards authorities
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Filling out the tax return
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Use Findea Online
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Electronic archive
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Use of Findea Scan App
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Outsource the bookkeeping
Your personal fiduciary regularly processes the receipts you provide, prepares the financial reports and takes care of the tax return. Your advisors are available to you at all times.
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Focus on core business
Finally, you can fully concentrate on your business and no longer have to worry about keeping complete and correct accounts. Likewise, you minimize the risk of being held accountable by the authorities because of accounting errors.
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You have not established a company to track your cash flow or reconcile accounts. We have.

Take advantage of the benefits of a professional accountant at a transparent price that you can afford.

Findea gives you the feeling of freedom, allows you to focus on your business and know that you keep accurate, detailed books every month.

Business owners rarely work with a traditional 9-5, but that doesn't mean you have to brood over your books at night and on weekends. Let us take care of the time-consuming tasks with a combination of intelligent software and even smarter accounting experts. Get in touch when we have convinced you of our solution.

You don't want to deal with the accounting because it is a burden on your time, which you would rather invest in what is close to your heart.

Time they have more time to invest in customer acquisition, marketing, leadership With us you feel you are in good hands.

More information

Is it still worthwhile to do your own bookkeeping?

Benefit from the advantages of a professional accountant at an affordable price and powerful financial reporting software with no learning curve. Hand over your accounting to our experts and concentrate on your core business.

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Leave the bookkeeping to a professional

You run your business and we take care of the accounting. Leave the annoying paperwork to a professional who will gladly do all the work for you. If you choose one of our accounting services, the following work will be completely omitted:

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Posting of incoming business transactions (financial accounting)

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Posting of income and expenses

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Processing of payroll accounting (payroll accounting)

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Preparation of monthly and annual accounts

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Accounts receivable or accounts payable

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Filling out tax returns

Outsource the accounting: 6 arguments

Many young entrepreneurs/inside and independent ones assume that the delivery of the bookkeeping is worthwhile itself only for large and already established entrepreneurs. Unfortunately this is not true. Especially companies in the start-up phase and SMEs are very much burdened by the effort and costs of in-house bookkeeping. In the following you will find three arguments for handing over your bookkeeping.

1. Doing your own accounting is a resource guzzler

If you are a layman in accounting or a self-taught accountant, you will soon realize that internal accounting can quickly become a real time waster. You or your employees have to invest a lot of time in order to become familiar with complex financial and tax law issues.

2. Internal accounting has its dangers

According to our observations, autodidactic booking can be less efficient and also has its dangers. Booking errors, missing receipts or missing procedural documentation can result in high fines if the tax office investigates.

3. Rising labor costs for skilled personnel

The requirements for proper accounting and the storage and documentation of records may lead to an increase in the salaries of internal accountants. Finding good qualified personnel is not only difficult, but can also be very expensive. Especially as a young company, a new hire can quickly become a financial challenge.

4. No user licenses for accounting software

Young entrepreneurs often forget that hiring their own accountant does not only involve wage costs, but also the creation of a suitable workplace. The accounting software has to meet the requirements of the internal accountant and regular usage licenses are required.

5. No education and training in accounting needed

Your in-house accountant should always be up to date with the latest legal developments. In order for this to happen, you need to budget for additional costs for training and further education. You also need to budget for the costs of educational materials.

6. Accounting costs are transparent and can be planned

The main advantage of an outsourced accounting system is the simplicity of the monthly budgeting of its costs. With our accounting packages we offer a tailor-made offer for every need.

Proper accounting is essential

When does external accounting make sense?

Accounting is a constant theme throughout the entire life cycle of a company. According to our experience, you should consider outsourcing your accounting if you find yourself in the following situations:

You and your company did not have an internal accountant before and you already feel busy with your core business
You or your employees do the bookkeeping themselves, but do not have time for further training in accounting
You do not want to run the risk of being held responsible by the authorities for accounting errors
You have neither the time nor the financial resources to hire your own accounting personnel
You want to avoid that you have to do the bookkeeping yourself when your own employees are absent due to vacation or illness
External accounting

Bookkeeping software wanted?

Rely on experienced accountants

Rely on the hybrid alternative from Findea. As the owner or manager of your company, you often have to keep an eye on everything.

You are responsible for the success of your business and must ensure that everything works. This is a hard job and so that you can concentrate on your core business, we offer support in finance and accounting. You and our specialists work together with us digitally.

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Digital collaboration
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Monthly fixed costs
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Experienced and competent accountants
Support from experts

Get a financial expert to take care of your company's accounting. In addition to managing your books and taxes, we can help you with fiscal representation and audit your financial statements.

Built for growing SMEs

In addition to our fiduciary services, we also offer amendments to articles of association, tax and legal advice. Domicile addresses can be rented upon request.

Outsourcing accounting

While Findea takes care of the accounting, you can concentrate on your core business. You will also have more free time which you can use with your family or hobbies.

Value for money

The costs of using our accounting packages are transparent and appropriate to their scope.

Data protection guaranteed

You can rest assured that your invoices, receipts and other sensitive data are protected with us.


We assume liability for any errors. So you do not have to fear that the tax office will hold you responsible for these mistakes and even impose fines in an emergency.

Submit accounting. Why not?

Accounting for SMEs and founders

Sooner or later, founders of a new business must inevitably worry about the accounting. Is the own know-how sufficient and enough time available? If not, then it is worthwhile to have the support of an expert.

Accounting for SMEs
Monthly fixed costs
Competent consultants
More time for the family
Solid accounting is of central importance in every company.

Not only in existing companies this is an important component, but also in new companies the careful setup and maintenance of accounting is essential.

Important source of information

Continuous and careful accounting is essential in order to prepare a sound and correct annual financial statement. Correct accounting is essential for stakeholders, such as banks, investors and the government, as it serves as a reliable source of information.

Customized offer

You develop your tailor-made concept for outsourcing your accounting together with our trustees. You decide how much time you want to spend on accounting yourself and which tasks you want to outsource to us. As a client of Findea you benefit from our expertise in all accounting matters.

Comprehensive offer and expertise

Keeping the accounting under control is an important aspect for a successful company. Our specialists will support you in a wide range of accounting tasks. We offer you the following services:


Planning, development and management of your accounting


Value added tax settlements


Payroll Accounting


Preparation of the annual financial statements


Assistance and supervision of the bookkeeping process


Maintenance of the implemented accounting system

Your local accountant

Accounting for SMEs

We advise you on questions concerning accounting, annual accounts, tax returns and much more. Arrange an appointment now.
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