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We take care of the audit work

Our specialists will check your records and prepare the necessary documents.
Audit work
CHF 250 / h
(excl. VAT)
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Inspection inventory
Taxea Steuererklärung
Audit income statement & balance sheet
Taxea Steuererklärung
Closing report
Taxea Steuererklärung
Presentation of the balance sheet at the AGM
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Business valuation
Financial statements
CHF 2'500
(excl. VAT)
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Audit of the annual financial statements
Taxea Steuererklärung
Preparation of the audit report
Taxea Steuererklärung
Internal documents for the audit oversight authorities (RAB)
Non-cash contribution
CHF 500
(excl. VAT)
Taxea Steuererklärung
Revision of contributions in kind
Taxea Steuererklärung
Preparation of the audit report
Taxea Steuererklärung
Internal documents for the audit oversight authorities (RAB)
Increase in capital
CHF 750
(excl. VAT)
Taxea Steuererklärung
Revision of the capital increase
Taxea Steuererklärung
Preparation of the audit report
Taxea Steuererklärung
Internal documents for the audit oversight authorities (RAB)
Our prices are transparent and easy to understand. We generally charge on an hourly basis. To estimate the effort for individual services in advance, we recommend our price calculator. The final price may vary depending on the training or function of the specialist.
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Have annual financial statements audited

Audit for your company. By specialists. At a fixed price.

Let our specialists carry out the audit of your annual accounts. The audit of the annual financial statement is always worthwhile!
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Although it is legally permissible to dispense with the auditors, advantages and disadvantages should be weighed up.

Depending on the legal form, there is an obligation in Switzerland to prepare annual financial statements. Under certain conditions (OR 727 ff.), these must be audited for accuracy by an auditor or an auditing expert.

To ensure the legal obligations as well as the financial stability of the company, it is essential to prepare a sound financial statement.

Auditing annual financial statements: the benefit

The audit of the annual financial statement is not only an annoying compulsory task but also brings a great benefit:

1. Increased trust from key stakeholders

The preparation of a high quality audit report not only serves to meet the legal requirements, but also increases the confidence of important stakeholders. In particular, investors, banks, customers and the state should be mentioned here, who perceive the audit report as a "seal of approval".

2. Early detection of errors and risks

By auditing the annual financial statements, errors that would lead to business and tax risks can be detected early on. A high-quality audit report thus also uncovers potential for improvement and contributes to increasing the efficiency of the company.

3. Audit of the annual financial statements by specialists

Our approach includes making the audit report as transparent and comprehensible as possible, so that it creates significant added value for your company and at the same time complies with legal requirements.

We also attach great importance to a proactive exchange with our client in order to ensure the highest possible quality and efficiency of the audit.

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Individual offer from Findea

Our auditors can respond individually to your needs. On the one hand, we examine the legally relevant facts so that we can issue a legally correct audit report. On the other hand, we can respond individually to your wishes and specifically examine certain areas:

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Checking the plausibility of the value added tax statements

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Audit of the internal control system (ICS)

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Examination after tortious acts

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Examination of other violations of the law (e.g. direct taxes)

The audit scope of Findea

In addition to the legally required actions - depending on the type of audit to be performed - our auditors will pay increased attention to the following issues:

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Evaluation of the inventory

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Valuation of depreciation

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Valuation of provisions

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Relevant tax issues

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Dividend practice

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Time and material accrual of business transactions

Therefore the revision is important

The audit of annual financial statements is not a burdensome duty, but creates great added value for companies when dealing with investors, banks and other stakeholders.


If you want to borrow or already have operating loans, audited financial statements are essential. Banks usually only grant operating loans to audited companies.

The Management Board

The auditor not only audits the finances of a company, but also provides the management with advice. He can support the management with regard to financing issues (capital increase, capital reduction, refinancing, etc.) and ensures that no liability issues arise for the management.


For investors, an audited financial statement represents a significant added value, as they can be sure with a revised financial statement that the figures presented by the management comply with the law and the Articles of Association. An audited report therefore makes it easier to find new investors or to raise new capital at more attractive conditions.

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The procedure of a revision

The process of an audit is easy with Findea and does not hinder your daily business.

1. Evaluation and acceptance of the mandate

During a first meeting you and we will get to know your company better. Together we will discuss the special features of your company. Afterwards we will make you an attractive offer. As part of the acceptance of the mandate, we will assist you with the registration in the commercial register of Findea Ltd as auditors.

2. On-site or remote audit of the financial statements

After you have completed the annual accounts, we will audit them. On the basis of your annual financial statement, we carry out a risk analysis and prepare an audit plan for the audit.

The audit of the annual accounts can (depending on the scope) take place remotely or on your premises.

3. Preparation of the audit report

Subsequently, we evaluate our audits, discuss any comments from our side and prepare the corresponding audit report, which certifies the compliance of your annual accounts with the articles of association and the law.

4. Sending the audited annual report to investors and banks

You can send the audited annual report to investors and banks, be it to raise new capital, build trust or refinance the company at a lower cost.

Our services

Audit of the financial statements
The auditors of Findea perform both ordinary and limited audits. Our auditors check your annual financial statement and issue the corresponding certificate after the audit.
Transparent financial reports
Our approach is to make the financial report as transparent and understandable as possible so that it creates significant added value for your company and at the same time complies with legal requirements.
Capital increase
If you want to increase the equity capital of your company, you must carry out a corresponding capital increase. This can be done in various ways. If you carry out a qualified capital increase (e.g. an increase through the contribution of a contribution in kind), the contribution in kind must be checked by an auditor. The auditors of Findea can perform this audit and prepare the corresponding audit report.
Capital reduction audit
In the event of a capital reduction, it must be checked whether the claims of the creditors are still covered after the capital reduction. It is also mandatory to prepare a written report on whether the capital reduction is justified, which is then submitted to the Board of Directors. This report serves primarily as a security for the creditors, so that after the capital reduction their claims are still covered. Our auditors can perform the audit of the capital reduction and issue the corresponding audit certificate.
Due Dilligence
Our team of lawyers, management consultants and trustees will conduct a comprehensive due diligence for you if you wish to purchase a company. As part of the due diligence process, we examine the object of purchase with regard to legal and economic risks as well as hidden contamination. The Due Diligence helps you to better evaluate the risk/reward ratio of a company purchase and to avoid unpleasant surprises.
The Merger Act (FusG), which came into force in July 2004, comprehensively regulates corporate mergers, divisions and transformations. The merger, demerger or transformation report to be drawn up must be reviewed by an auditor before it is submitted to the BoD. Companies that meet the requirements of an SME and for which the BoD unanimously waives the audit are exempt from this requirement. However, the merger, demerger and transformation audit is highly recommended as it serves the protection of shareholders.
Qualified foundation
If at least one qualified fact is fulfilled, one speaks of a qualified foundation. Qualifying facts are the payment of the share capital by contribution in kind, the takeover of assets, the granting of founder's benefits and the payment by offsetting. We can check the qualified facts for you and issue the corresponding audit certificate.
Proactive exchange
We attach great importance to a proactive exchange with our client to ensure the highest possible quality of the audit.
Why Findea?

Auditor for SMEs and start-ups in Switzerland.

Findea is specialized in SMEs and start-ups.

For more than 10 years we have been supporting medium-sized companies and start-ups as financial partners, whether as trustees, auditors or tax consultants.

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Experienced specialists
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Transparent costs
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Digital collaboration
Value for money

We are aware that SMEs have only a limited budget available for auditing. We have therefore developed a price structure that makes auditing affordable even for smaller companies and is significantly lower than that of the large audit firms.

Transparent price structure

We have a transparent price structure. Using our digital onboarding process on our homepage, you can easily calculate a quote, request a cost estimate and have your company onboard our application. Audit for your company by specialists at a fixed price.

In-house specialists

We employ trustees, auditors, tax consultants and lawyers. In this way, we can always draw on a broad-based expertise and provide our clients with comprehensive advice.

Specialized in SMEs and start-ups

We primarily advise SMEs and start-ups as trustees, auditors or tax consultants and have thus been able to build up a comprehensive wealth of experience in this segment. We know the needs of small and medium-sized companies with regard to fiduciary, tax and legal issues.

Years of experience in auditing

Findea has been auditing SMEs in Switzerland for over 10 years. Due to our experience we are able to audit annual financial statements efficiently and thus cost-effectively and to show you optimization potentials in accounting.

Particular attention

We devote ourselves to all sensitive issues such as inventory valuation, depreciation, provisions etc. with special care.

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