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We clarify your tax situation in Switzerland

With our highly qualified team, we are also able to assist your company in complex VAT questions.
Application fee
one-time CHF 500
(excl. VAT)
Taxea Steuererklärung
Initial review of the VAT obligation in Switzerland
Taxea Steuererklärung
Clarification of optimization possibilities (e.g. notification of foreign shareholdings)
Taxea Steuererklärung
Applying for a VAT number from the Federal Tax Administration
Annual fee
CHF 1'500
(excl. VAT)
Taxea Steuererklärung
Payable at the beginning of the year
Taxea Steuererklärung
Quarterly preparation of VAT statements
Taxea Steuererklärung
Taking over the correspondence with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA)
Taxea Steuererklärung
Preparation of annual sales and input tax adjustments (for sales in Switzerland)
Taxea Steuererklärung
Support during VAT controls by the Federal Tax Administration (FTA)
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What we offer:
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Review of VAT obligation
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Competent specialists
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Friendly advice
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Registration VAT in Switzerland
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Processing VAT in Switzerland
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Transparent costs
Tax representation for companies

VAT obligation and fiscal representation in Switzerland

Foreign companies that generate sales in Switzerland may become subject to VAT.
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How fiscal representation works in Switzerland

Entry of receipts

You will receive an Excel file to record receipts or you can use your own template if you wish.

Offerte zur Firmengründung berechnen
Forwarding of receipts

You send your assigned Findea consultant the Excel file with the recorded receipts quarterly.

Firmendaten zur Firmengründung erfassen

Preparation of VAT declaration

Your Findea consultant will check the documentation received and prepare the VAT declaration for you.

Kontakt zur Firmengründung aufnehmen

Submission of VAT declaration

We submit the VAT return to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (ESTV).

Dokumente zur Firmengründung prüfen
Taking over correspondence

We handle your correspondence with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration and support you in all kinds of bureaucratic matters.

Unterschrift beglaubigen für die Firmengründung
"A correct registration of the fiscal representation as well as the VAT is of great importance to avoid difficulties with the tax authorities".

If, as a foreign company, you generate sales in Switzerland, you may become liable for VAT. If this is the case, the Swiss legislator requires a fiscal representation in Switzerland. In this case, a representative established in Switzerland grants the domicile for the respective company.

A correct registration of the fiscal representation as well as the VAT is of great importance to avoid difficulties with the tax authorities. In addition, the entire registration process and the import of goods from abroad is significantly accelerated.

When is fiscal representation necessary?

In order to be able to enjoy the above mentioned advantages, a fiscal representation is necessary, which we offer you with our trustees. You can rely on our comprehensive expertise and decide freely how extensive we may support you in this complex matter.

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Our experienced specialists can support you in the following tasks:

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Clarification of VAT liability Switzerland
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Registration procedure

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Registration ZAZ Account (if desired)

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Periodic document checks (recording is done by customers)

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Creation and submission of the periodic VAT statements

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Preparation of the annual turnover and input tax return

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Monitoring of possible VAT revisions

When must a foreign company be represented in Switzerland for tax purposes?

Companies with a worldwide annual turnover of CHF 100'000 are subject to mandatory VAT in Switzerland and thus require a tax representation in Switzerland.

The VAT reporting obligation for foreign companies in Switzerland can be traced back to, among other things, the following (unlike in the EU, no tax debt reversal applies in Switzerland):

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Provision of work services in Switzerland

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Execution of assembly work in Switzerland

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Carrying out activities that actually take place in Switzerland

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Services related to real estate in Switzerland

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Provision of electronic services to customers who are not taxable in Switzerland

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Shipping from Switzerland

What do our specialists do for you?

Fiscal representation without risk

Our offer includes a one-time registration fee and an annual payment for the quarterly VAT preparation and all communication with the authorities.

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Clarification of the VAT liability in Switzerland
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Handling of the registration formalities

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Tax representation in Switzerland
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Creation of a ZAZ account (upon request)

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Regular checking of the receipts (recorded by the customer)
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Preparation & submission of VAT statements
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Creation of the annual sales and input tax adjustments

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Support with VAT controls by authorities
Fiscal representation

VAT specialist in Switzerland wanted?

Rely on Findea

Rely on Findea for your fiscal representation.

Our specialists will be happy to assist you with the clarification, registration and processing of VAT in Switzerland.

You and our specialists work together digitally. We are also personally available to you as consultants for any inspections by the authorities.

If you wish, we can advise you at one of our 8 locations in Switzerland.

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Digital and paperless collaboration
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Annual fixed costs
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Competent value added tax specialists
VAT specialist
Support from experts

Get a financial expert to take care of your company's accounting. In addition to managing your books and taxes, we can help you with fiscal representation and audit your financial statements.

Built for growing SMEs

In addition to our fiduciary services, we also offer amendments to articles of association, tax and legal advice. Domicile addresses can be rented upon request.

Outsourcing accounting

While Findea takes care of the accounting, you can concentrate on your core business. You will also have more free time which you can use with your family or hobbies.

Value for money

The costs of using our accounting packages are transparent and appropriate to their scope.

Data protection guaranteed

You can rest assured that your invoices, receipts and other sensitive data are protected with us.


We assume liability for any errors. So you do not have to fear that the tax office will hold you responsible for these mistakes and even impose fines in an emergency.