General Terms and Conditions



These ToS apply to every use of the website and other sites (hereafter referred to as the “website”) accessed through this website between the operator of the website (operator: Findea AG with registered offices in Winterthur) and the user.


Should the user require use of a password to access the website or the transferral of an email address, he or she is responsible for the proper safekeeping/accuracy of these items.


The user guarantees the accuracy of the information transmitted to the operator as well as its compliance with the law and the rights of third parties, under good moral conduct.

Contents and links

The operator assumes no liability for the factual or contextual accuracy, completeness, dependability or quality of the published or transmitted information. Claims of liability against the operator, through the use or non-use of information provided, and claims of liability arising through the use of inaccurate or incomplete information provided respectively are excluded.


The user acknowledges that the agents and partners operate independently and are in no way to be seen as employees/assistants/stakeholders of the operator. The signing of contracts and making of agreements between the user and agents or partners occurs independently from his or her dealings with the operator. The operator assumes no liability for any eventual principal/contractual violations of the partners or agents.


By the direct or indirect routing to outside websites, the operator rejects any liability. The operator has no influence on the linked sites. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and especially for damages resulting from the use or non-use of such content, only the provider of the linked page can assume liability.


The operator is liable for damages arising out of the accessing of the website (especially in the case of failures, disruptions and disturbances) only when the user can prove gross negligence on the part of the operator. The operator is not liable for disruptions in the quality of access to the services of the Findea AG resulting out of force majeure or resulting from events which are out of the control of the operator, especially the failure of communications networks. The customer assumes any risk arising out of the opening of electronic documents. The operator offers no guarantee that the electronic documents are free of viruses or may in any other way be suitable for use without risk of damage to the computer of the user. The information published on the website neither constitutes an invitation, nor an offer or recommendation to invest in companies or execute any other type of investment.

Jurisdiction/Applicable law

For any disputes between the operator and its users, Zurich is the exclusive area of jurisdiction. Swiss law is the only applicable law in any such legal dispute.