The Swiss one-stop store for everything that founders and start-ups need before, during and after founding a company.


STARTUPS.CH is the market leader in Switzerland. We have great expertise and our own lawyers, trust experts and management consultants.

STARTUPS.CH is represented by 26 branches throughout Switzerland, and we are sure there is a branch near you. Benefit from our experience from over 25,000 company foundations. We offer you a holistic start-up consulting service and support you before, during and after the company foundation. Take advantage of the consultation, because with us you will receive comprehensive advice on many issues on site. We help you to clarify the concrete problems concerning your project.

If you set up your company during or after the one-hour consultation, the consultation is free of charge for you (only for business and prime packages). If the consultation is for information purposes only and the company foundation has not yet been determined, the consultation costs CHF 150. However, you will receive a voucher worth CHF 150 for a later company foundation at STARTUPS.CH (only for Business and Prime Packages).

Over 25'000 people have taken the step into self-employment with us. What were your reasons and what tips do you have for prospective entrepreneurs? You can find all this out here and with a little luck your testimonial video could soon be listed as well.

Why are we here:

To make it easier for young entrepreneurs to set up a company and to support them after the company has been founded.

How do we act:

We are passionate, innovative, modest and structured. Coordinated processes enable us to achieve efficient processing times.

What we do:

We establish companies through smart online processes and support them after the foundation with online accounting and legal systems.

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