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Outsource the payroll accounting

You employ employees and want to ensure that payroll accounting is correct? We take care of the payroll accounting for you so that you can concentrate on your core business.
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Transparent costs
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Competent specialists
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Friendly advice
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Connected ecosystem
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Interdisciplinary expertise
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Legally compliant processing

The prices listed below are per employee. You can enter the number of employees and the wage model during onboarding.

Monthly wage
CHF 30 / month
per employee (excl. VAT) *
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Preparation of annual wage statement
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Wage notifications to social security
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Preparation of monthly pay slips
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Submittingthe withholding tax statement (if necessary)

Submit payroll accounting in a few clicks:

Capture employees

You transfer your employee data to us once in digital form.

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Monthly payroll accounting

At the end of the month, we prepare the payroll for all your employees, taking into account all taxes and duties. We send you or directly to the employees the monthly payroll. At the end of the year we also prepare the annual salary statement.

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You pay the wages

All you have to do is pay the specified amount. For this purpose, we will send you a DAT file which you can easily upload into your online banking system.

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We manage your employee data

We manage your employee data. You can inform us online about employee entries and exits.

Dokumente zur Firmengründung prüfen
Capture employees

We transmit the data periodically to the responsible authorities and also take care of the ongoing communication.

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In addition to managing employee data, a correct payroll accounting is also essential.

Experience has shown that payroll accounting is the part of accounting which - due to its complexity - causes the most trouble for SMEs.

Why outsource payroll accounting?

Experience has shown that payroll accounting is the part of accounting which - due to its complexity - causes the most trouble for SMEs. Outsourcing payroll accounting is often a great relief for the internal accounting department, which can thus concentrate fully on the essentials.

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Our specialists have the necessary, up-to-date specialist knowledge and will gladly relieve you of the following tasks:

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Running the payroll accounting
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Comprehensive personnel administration

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Preparation of monthly pay slips

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Preparation of the annual salary statements

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Advice on wage tax and social security law issues

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Communication with social security and authorities

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Year-end processing and reporting to the competent authorities

Outsource payroll accounting

What we offer

If you wish, we can take care of the entire payroll accounting and then send you the complete payroll statements. If required, our experts will take care of the complete communication with the authorities and social insurance companies.

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Processing of the entire payroll accounting
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Contact person for authorities
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Competent advice
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Creation of employment contracts
Outsource payroll accounting
Save time, money and nerves

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Let our specialists take over your payroll accounting and concentrate on your core business.

Payroll accounting
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Monthly fixed costs
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Competent consultants
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More time for the family

Findea: Your ideal partner

Payroll accounting with discretion

We treat your employee data with absolute confidentiality. Individual employees in your company do not know the wages of their colleagues.

Comprehensive expertise

Our team has many years of expertise in the field of payroll accounting and can actively support you in this complex issue.

No expensive payroll accounting software

Special software is required for payroll accounting. These are usually very expensive and require specialist knowledge.

Don't forget any deductions

We handle payroll accounting reliably and ensure that all deductions are made correctly and reported correctly to the authorities.

Familiarity with the current legal situation

Our trustees are always up to date and can therefore give you competent advice. Use the time saved for your business.

Focus on the core business

You and your company can concentrate on the essential, operational challenges. We take care of the rest.

Your local trustee

Payroll accounting for SMEs

We advise you on questions concerning accounting, annual accounts, tax returns and much more. Arrange an appointment now.