Michele Blasucci

CEO, lic. iur HSG, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board

After completing a bank apprenticeship and his secondary education simultaneously, Michele Blasucci studied law at the University of St. Gallen. In the year 2001, while still studying, he started the fiduciary services company Findea AG (formerly known as BKK Finance Group). While working to grow the company during his studies, his wholehearted focus after graduation is what allowed the firm to grow into what it is today.

Michele grew up in the Thurgau in a village called Aadorf and is living in Winterthur since 2003. In his youth soccer was his predominant hobby. On the side he was able to expand his skills with golf, scuba diving and tennis. However, since the births of his two children, Laura and Marco, his interests have become far more family oriented.

Sandro Hottiger

Fiduciary Agent

Sandro Hottiger completed a commercial apprenticeship with a professional matura at a fiduciary company in Zurich. Since 2015, Sandro studies economics at the ZHAW in Winterthur. He is working at Findea AG since April 2015.

Sandro grew up in Nussbaumen in the canton of Aargau. Since 2015 he lives in the city of Zurich. In his spare time he like to go to the fitness center or meet with friends or family.

Benjamin Vögele

Fiduciary Agent

As a merchant with a vocational school-leaving certificate in a medium-sized construction company, Benjamin Vögele was able to gain experience in different industries and professions. After some years in a small trust agency, likewise in Zürich, he encountered Findea in 2015. Incidentally, he has been supporting an engineering office as a finance manager since establishment in 2014. In 2018, he successfully completed training to become a fiduciary agent.

Following injury-related downtime, Benjamin is looking forward to preparing again in the cellar for the next fight in the boxing ring, chasing after the shuttle with work colleagues in Badminton, and enjoying nature at the foot of the Uetliberg Mountain on the Vita Parcours. As a fan, he likes to watch the games of the 1st team of the Wetzikon Football Club.

Cristina Alvarez

Fiduciary Agent

Cristina Alvarez completed her commercial degree at a trust office in Zug. Afterwards, she worked for five years in a medium-sized trust company in Zurich. In the autumn of 2014, she began to work as a trustee. Since October 2016, she has working at Findea AG in Zurich.

Cristina has its roots in the north of Spain, but grew up in Zug. She like to spend her free time with her friends or family. She loves dancing.

Bernard Llukes

Fiduciary Agent

I completed my commercial vocational training in an industrial company (2010-2013). Subsequently, I completed the higher vocational school-leaving certificate in 2014 and my Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics specialising in accounting, controlling, and auditing at ZHAW in Winterthur in the summer of 2018.

During my studies, I worked as a fiduciary in a sole proprietorship as well as in an American company in Zürich.

In October 2017, I started at Findea St. Gallen and having been working at the branch office in Zürich as of February 2018.

I grew up in Münchwilen, Thurgau, where I also live today. My hobbies include football and dancing.

Rémi Setenou

Rémi Setenou began his commercial apprenticeship in service and administration in summer 2016 at STARTUPS.CH in Winterthur. In the summer of 2017, he changed to the fiduciary and real estate branch and has since worked for Findea in Zurich. Rémi will complete his apprenticeship in 2019 and then work as a clerk for the Startup-Desk in Winterthur.

Rémi Setenou grew up in Winterthur. He enjoys spending his free time with friends or family. His passions include music, film and photography. Rémi also likes sports activities such as skating, football and basketball.

Musa Herolinda

Fiduciary Clerk and back-office

After completing her business apprenticeship at the Municipality of Thalwil (in 2011), Herolinda Musa passed her secondary school examination in Business Administration (in 2012-2013). Afterwards she worked as a secretary for various law offices, and graduated from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, where she studied Business Economics with a major in General Management (in 2013-2017). Since August 2018 she has been employed with Findea AG in Zurich, while studying for the Master’s degree in Management and Law at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Raised in Zurich, Herolinda Musa lives in Lucerne. In her leisure time, Herolinda likes reading books and meeting her friends and family.

Bettina Brägger

Fiduciary Clerk

Bettina Brägger completed her Master’s degree in Business Economics at the University of Zürich in January 2018. During and after her studies, she worked for three years as a fiduciary in a trust company in Uster. In fall of 2018, Bettina began training to become a federally certified trust expert. As of March 2019, she has been working at Findea AG in Zürich.
Bettina Brägger grew up in Bubikon in the Zürcher Oberland region. In her free time, she is active in the gymnastics club, likes to travel through different countries, and spends time with family and friends.