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Rent now a domicile address or a virtual office with office services, such as telephone service, mail forwarding and accounting.
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Set up your company in Switzerland

Company domicile in Switzerland? We have the right address.

By choosing the right location, you can benefit from tax-efficient conditions and have a representative business presence.
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Locations for a domicile

Findea is specialized in SMEs and start-ups. For more than 10 years we have been supporting medium-sized companies and start-ups as a financial partner, be it as trustee, auditor or tax consultant.

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We offer domiciles at 8 locations in Switzerland. All our offices are located in prestigious locations in the respective cities.

or domiciliary customers we offer various attractive packages that cover the different needs. All packages include a representative domicile in a major Swiss city of your choice.

The domicile - simply explained

With the domicile you can locate your company in a city of your choice. By choosing the right location, you can benefit from low-tax cantons and have a representative business presence.

Advantages of the domicile with Findea

1. Representative address

With a domicile at Findea, you can locate your company in a large Swiss city. A prestigious address and the possibility to use our meeting rooms will make it easier for you to present yourself to customers and potential investors - especially when starting up your company.

2. Company headquarters in a tax-privileged canton

By domiciling in a tax-favorable canton (e.g. Lucerne or Zug), you may be able to optimize the tax burden on corporate profits.

3. Foreign company founders

Foreign company founders who establish a company in Switzerland and do not have a domicile in Switzerland necessarily need a domicile for their company. Through our sister company STARTUPS.CH you can easily, securely and online found your company.

Functionality of a domicile

1. Set up domicile and register in the commercial register

If you want to set up a company domicile with us, you can choose between 8 different locations in all major cities in Switzerland. We prepare all the paperwork for you and have the domicile entered in the commercial register accordingly.

2. Forwarding incoming mail

Mail sent to your domicile will be forwarded to you. You have four options for this.

3. Use conference room for meetings

You can use the available meeting rooms at the location of your company domicile for important business meetings or the annual general meeting.

How should we forward your mail?

Automatically (by mail)
You instruct Swiss Post once to automatically forward all incoming mail to an address of your choice in Switzerland or abroad.
Physical (through Findea)
You instruct us to open and sort your mail and then forward it to an address of your choice.
Electronic (through Findea)
We scan your mail and make it available to you electronically.
Storage (by Findea)
We will physically store your mail at your domicile. You can pick it up at your convenience.
Value for money

We are aware that SMEs have only a limited budget available for auditing. We have therefore developed a price structure that makes auditing affordable even for smaller companies and is significantly lower than that of the large audit firms.

Transparent price structure

We have a transparent price structure. Using our digital onboarding process on our homepage, you can easily calculate a quote, request a cost estimate and have your company onboard our application.

In-house experts

We employ trustees, tax experts, lawyers and management consultants. In this way, we can always draw on a broad-based expertise and provide our clients with comprehensive advice.

Specialized in SMEs

We primarily advise SMEs as trustees as well as auditors and have thus been able to build up a comprehensive wealth of experience in this segment. We know the needs of small and medium-sized companies with regard to fiduciary, tax and legal issues.

Many years of experience

Findea has been auditing SMEs in Switzerland for over 10 years. Due to our experience we are able to audit annual financial statements efficiently and thus cost-effectively and to show you optimization potentials in accounting.

Particular attention

We devote ourselves to all sensitive issues such as inventory valuation, depreciation, provisions etc. with special care.

Your local trustee 

Company domicile for SMEs

We advise you on questions concerning accounting, annual accounts, tax returns and much more. Arrange an appointment now.